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Dear friend of the theatre,

As we gently and carefully begin again, we wanted to share with you our plan for keeping you and ourselves as safe as possible. This plan cannot and does not guarantee illness-free events, so we ask for your cooperation as we aim to minimize the risk of infection as much as possible by sticking to the precautions we are very carefully putting into place.Here is what it’s gonna be like so we can all stay FIT!

  • We have identified a very specific seating plan that allows less than 50 people socially distanced in the theatre, including cast and crew. We only have room for one wheelchair (with an escort) per performance. Lobby doors will remain open during the production to allow better ventilation in the theatre.

  • Ticket purchases will be done on-line or by telephone only. All seats will be assigned to a specific patron and we will need to confirm there is a valid phone number on file for potential contact tracing.

  • Upon arrival at the venue, please socially distance in line while you wait for someone to show you to your seat. Entry will be staggered, starting one hour before the show begins

  • At this time the bar and concessions will be closed. We encourage people to bring their own water bottle, which will be permitted in the theatre.

  • Although every attempt will be made to ensure physical distancing, patron movement may result in some situations where 6-feet (2 metres) is not possible. For this reason, the wearing of masks/face coverings is required inside the building, the theatre and the washrooms.

We’ve missed seeing you so much and look forward to welcoming you back with open arms (Air Hugs only please!)  Please Remember….

  • Always wear a mask on the theatre premises, single use masks will be provided to anyone who needs one. Sanitize your hands at stations provided.

  • You will be asked to fill out a Covid-19 release form with contact information upon your arrival.

  • Please maintain social distance and follow the traffic flow as indicated.

  • We encourage everyone to immediately find their assigned seat inside theatre in order to keep our small lobby clear.

  • If you must use the restroom, please do not enter until a staff member has cleared you to do so. We will only allow one person in the bathroom at a time.

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