THOMAS T and more By John McGie and Carl Craig

Thomas T Poster webTen years ago Thomas T, a musical written by John McGie and Carl Craig premiered at Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver. First Impressions Theatre is proud to announce that select music from that production as well as music from other musicals written by the duo will be performed in concert.

One night only — Saturday, March 7 at 8:00pm, tickets $15.00

Don’t miss this multimedia presentation featuring five singers singing in sync with archival video of past productions. There will also be the debut of two original songs.This could very well be a first and it is going to be a hoot! It’s going to be fabulous. The girls are awesome! Starring: Leigh Richards Stewart, Tina Spencer, Kathryn Ferguson, Laurel Walker, Alison Purvis

Also, as an added bonus, other music by John McGie and Carl Craig will be presented over the speakers prior to the show.