The House Of Blue Leaves

By John Guare

Directed by Rick Colhoun

Oct. 4, 1965, the day the Pope Paul VI visits New York City, and Artie Shaughnessy, a zoo keeper and would-be songwriter, his schizoid wife Bananas, and his less than logical mistress Bunny, live in Queens. Artie and Bunny are planning a visit to see his old school buddy who has become a successful Hollywood producer, hoping he will finally get the song writing success he has been craving. But something needs to be done about Bananas…..

Throw in the attention-seeking son gone AWOL from the Army, farcical nuns, a deficient starlet, a home-made bomb and you have quite a zoo; but then, wait, there are troubles at the real zoo too!

The House of Blue Leaves is a most unusual play featuring abundant comedy, intense drama, moments of pure farce, some tragedy and heartfelt tenderness all with an underlying social commentary.

The House of Blue Leaves was the recipient of four Tony Awards and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award

Featuring Ryan Crocker, Colleen Rae Lornie, Cheryl Hebb, Cody Blatter, Tina Spencer, Ann Copp, Brianna Mason, Victoria Deschanel, Chris Liggett, Kelly Avery and Alan Williams.