Humble Boy

Set in a serene English countryside garden, Felix Humble, a socially awkward astrophysicist, returns home from Cambridge University following the death of his beekeeper father.
Unable to come to terms with the loss, Felix is also finding it increasingly difficult to deal with his mother, Flora’s, indifferent attitude towards his father’s death and her sudden closeness to their loud and vulgar neighbour, George Pye.
Rosie, George’s daughter and Felix’s ex-girlfriend who he abruptly left several years earlier, in turn decides that now is the time to disclose news that may change the course of his life. To top it all off, Felix’s stutter has returned….

Directed by Alyksandra Ackerman

Kevin Flatley as Felix Humble, Nicole Fairbairn as Flora Humble, Ryan Crocker as George Pye, Danielle Benzon as Rosie Pye, Arlene Belcastro as Mercy Lot and Allen Sawkins as Jim.