Blithe Spirit

This is the story of novelist Charles Condomine, who arranges a sĂ©ance to gather material for his next book. He invites the eccentric Madame Arcati to conduct a trip to the supernatural; his wife Ruth, as well as Doctor and Mrs. Bradman, are also in attendance. His initial scepticism about the authenticity of conjuring disappears when he alone begins to see and hear the ghost of Elvira, his first wife. A lonely and bored Elvira, now reminded of Charles, begins to plot their everlasting reunion…

Written in 1941 during the height of the bombing of London in the Second World War, playwright Noel Coward is said to have written this endearing satiric comedy in five days.

Directed by Ryan Crocker
Cameron McDonald,Colleen Rae Lornie, Louise Porter, Danielle Benzon,Philip Richard Black, Jennifer Morabito,
Candice Macalino