Two comedies by Canadian playwright Norm Foster.

Nov 17 to Dec 3 — Wed through Sat at 8pm (except Sat., Nov 19, at 2pm only)

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4 actors, 2 plays, 2 opportunities to watch romantic relationships develop through unique and quintessentially hilarious situations we can all identify with. Listen to the inner Narrator within each character as a couple explores dating, success and second chances in My Narrator. Watch as a man and woman tangle over the last and ugliest Christmas tree with surprising results and hilarity. It will leave you laughing all the way home!

Norm Foster has been the most produced playwright in Canada every year for the past twenty years. His plays receive an average of one hundred and fifty productions annually making him, by far, the most produced playwright in the history of his country. First Impressions Theatre has helped him achieve his record having already produced sixteen going back to 1995. His work was compared early on to American playwright Neil Simon and British playwright Alan Ayckbourn, but peppered with Canadian humour.

These two one-act comedies are the perfect light-hearted start to the already looming holiday season approaching. Come out and have a laugh!

Directed by Claude A. Giroux, starring Ryan Crocker, Tiffany Bishop, Charity Principe and Toph Whitmore.