“It scares people how much we really know one another, so we pretend we don’t."

Sept 12 to 28, 2019 — Wed through Sat at 8pm except Sat, Sept 14 at 2pm only


After a one-night rendezvous in Manhattan’s West Side, Johnny, a compulsive, starry-eyed, short-order cook, is convinced he has found his life companion in Frankie, a wisecracking waitress with a past. In roars and whispers, the play makes a plea for love being worth the risk no matter how much it’s wounded you in the past. An attractive play always worth revisiting, a lovely couple of actors and live pianist will give this play everything it needs and a bit more into the bargain.

Romantic comic drama by Terrence McNally; directed by Claude A. Giroux, starring Ryan Crocker and Colleen Rae Lornie with Shawn Salsiccioli on piano.

Note: this production features intimacy including nudity, strong language and raw humanity.

Poster painting by Russell Thomas.

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