First Impressions Theatre Company is producing CYRANO, this heroic comedy opens September 6th and runs for three weeks in the Deep Cove Shaw Theatre.

This is an intimate nine-person version of the classic swashbuckling adventure of Cyrano DeBergerac and his lifelong love affair with Roxanne! 

Actors will all be required to fight on stage with and without weapons and each actor will play a number of parts in addition to a principal role.

The roles we seek to cast are: 


Christian: Roxanne’s younger love interest this actor should play younger than 30 and doubles as 5 other parts 

DeGuiche: Plays 40s or older and is an aristocratic fop and also plays for Roxanne’s affections. This actor will also double 5 other parts 

Ragueneau:  A  big personality with a huge appetite and adoration of food and drink he is a comedic presence and also doubles 5 other roles. 

DeValvert: Cyrano’s biggest adversary with a sword this actor needs to be physically nimble and capable of sustaining speech whilst handling a sword:) This actor also plays 5 other parts. 


The entire company is on stage at all times and all character and costume changes will be made most often a-vista. This is a rapid fire don’t stop til you drop approach to the immortal play by Edmund Rostand. 

Auditions will take place:

Saturday, June 9th, beginning at 1pm and Sunday, June 10th, beginning at 10am those interested in auditioning should contact Eileen at to arrange a time and receive information.


Performances September 6 to 22, 2018

Deep Cove Shaw Theatre, 4360 Gallant Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7G 1L2

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